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Pruning is not a science. If you consider that a single rose cane bud can
produce three sturdy canes in succession in only one summer, you can apply
your clippers with an easy mind. The best time to prune roses is in
the spring before new growth appears and after any danger of killing frost.

Only use sharp pruners or saw. You must ensure a smooth cut, and the cane must never be crushed.

1. Cut off dead wood
-Cut back dead wood to the base of a green shoot.
-You can recognize dead wood by its brown center
-Healthy wood has a white or light green center

Roses are pruned about 4 in. above the eye (the buds on the canes), not too
slanting. The wound and evaporation surface should be as small as possilbe.
If a peg is left, it won't matter. It will dry and can easily be removed with next
winter pruning.

Sick or frost-damaged canes must be rigorously cut back to healthy wood.
Healthy wood is recognizable by white or green pith; sick wood is
brownish color.

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