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The Right Location for Roses

Roses are sunlight thirsty, so you should always offer them a full-sun location in the garden. Certainly there are some rose species and varieties that will also thrive sufficiently well in semi-shaded areas.
With this in mind, you still need to be careful of winter sun. What is good in summer doesn't necessarily go for winter. Within a few hours great tensions may occur in the tissues between the sunny and the shady side of a succulent rose cane. The cane may rupture inside and then die back.
Further danger is drying. When the ground is frozen, the roots can't take up water. Nevertheless, stored water is evaporated through the canes, so that a water deficit arises.

The further a soil deviates from the described ideal soil, the more important are the humus content and the cultivation of soil life through additions of rotted organic materials. Countless microorganisms and different soil-dwelling snimals, from worms to insects and even small mammals, work around the clock in such soil, churning it an thus opening it up for the plant roots.

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