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Black Spot

Why are the leaves falling off my roses?
This is a question often asked by rose
growers. In many cases the answer is
black spot. Circular,
feathery black spots occur on the upper
surface of leaves. These spots are
frequently surrounded by a yellow halo.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew is easily recognized by
the white powdery appearance of infected leaves,
twigs, and flower buds.

Crown Gall

Galls usually are restricted to the roots, lower
stems, and lower branches of infected plants


Stem cankers appear as smal lesions on the woody
tissue of canes. Results are poor growth of the
affected area and eventual death of the cane.


The fungus attacks leaves and canes, prevents
blooms from opening and often causes flower petals
to turn brown and shrivel.

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