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Care for the seasons



The Rules of Watering

  1. Don't overwater--this avoids the promotion of disease.
    The leaves of the rose should not get wet.
  2. Before watering make a little wall of soil around the bush
    so that the water won't flow where you don't want it to flow.
  3. Only water as necessary, then do it thoroughly. Despite
    the risk of occasionally muddying the soil and damaging its
    structure with a rush of water, irrigating or flooding is an
    appropriate way to avoid damage from drought without
    wetting the foliage.



Don't start the winter protection of roses before the middle of
November..The worry that frost can destroy the entire display of
roses in the garden oppresses every rose fancier, but it's unfounded
if you pack your plants correctly. Now and then a light frost is even
good for the roses, because it makes them hardier as a result.
Much more dangerous than frost are weather swings. The
warming sun stimulates the resting canes of the roses to put out
new growth. Then a return to cold endangers them doubly.

Pine and spruce branches serve just as well as burlap produced for the covering of bush, climbing, and cascade roses. Also, balling sacking can serve well as sun and winter protection.

At the end of March, carefully remove the spruce branches. The young new growth is easily broken.

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